top 10 humans born with bizarre body deformities
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Many of us take great care of our personal health. We exercise, eat right and try to limit the amount of junk or harmful things we take into our bodies. For the most part, such tactics can help us live long and happy lives. Others, however aren’t as lucky. Some people are just bound to suffer from bad health and defects no matter what they do. It could have to do with where they live or even what kinds of genes they have. Bad air and water can definitely affect your health, but so can bad genes. To go one step further damaged genes, as in the form of disorders or mutations, can be even worse and cause conditions that the sufferer can do absolutely nothing about.
When you think of mutations, you likely think about fictional characters from movies and comic books. Sure they all suffer from mutations but in a cool way. After all, a mutation that allows you super-strength, the ability to fly or shoot flames out of your hands is pretty sweet. Real life is a different matter. In this world, bad or damaged genes can lead to mutations which just seem cruel. They often lead to bizarre deformities and, as you’ll see, can shorten the length and quality of life for those affected. From extra limbs to overly advanced aging, you’ll see that these fascinating mutations are definitely some of the worst you could be afflicted with.

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