From Nail Clippings Omens to Spooky Food Superstitions here are 10 Scariest Spooky Superstitions. Dont watch this at night! You’ve been warned.

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5 – Sweeping Superstitions
Several strange superstitions revolve around broomsticks, no doubt these old legends hail from ancient fears of witches. Some warn to never lean a broom against a bed, for the evil spirits held dormant inside the broomstick will cast a curse on the bedding and all who sleep on it. Another tale tells to never sweep trash out the door after dark, or you will usher in a stranger to visit. Some stories say that sweeping the broom bristles over your feet will ensure you will never get married. One legend warns to never take a broom with you when you move, throw it out and buy a new one or bad luck will follow. Lastly, if someone enters your home and makes themselves a nuisance, one superstition says that if you sweep the room they stayed in immediately after they leave the premises, they won’t return.

4 – Nail Clippings Omens
In Japan, several superstitions warn to never trim your nails at night or you won’t be around to witness your parents when they die. Another legend says by clipping your nails after nightfall you ensure yourself an early demise. Several Chinese beliefs insist that cutting your nails after midnight can attract visitors from the netherworld. Some Legends tell that by shortening your nails you are actually shortening your very lifespan. Other say chopping off nails will summon death itself. Certain peoples believe that part of your soul resides inside your nails, so when you trim them you are releasing angry energy into the spirit-filled night, which may awaken unwanted attention, malicious spirits may be lying in wait to take away your very soul. Some warn to never use knives to trim unwanted nails, cutting your fingers or toes with the blade opens a supernatural gap in your body which may allow unwanted evil spirits to enter. In Korea the superstition says that mice will eat your clippings and take on your form and very possibly steal your soul.

3 – Spooky Food Superstitions
Bread is full of strange legends and superstitions, for instance, some say that the air bubble in a loaf of bread symbolises someone’s imminent death. Some say that by swiping an X, which symbolises the holy cross, across the top of a loaf of bread before you bake it will keep the devil at bay. Those candles you blow out on your birthday cake, originally came from a superstition in Greece which said that those flames would keep evil spirits away. Never ever stick a pair of chopsticks straight up in a bowl of rice, for this is an omen of death, the chopsticks resemble incense which is burnt in honour of the dead. Another strange legend warns to never take bananas on a boat, these bad luck charms will make it impossible to catch a fish. And of course, some garlic a day will always help keep vampires at bay. Some say that if you break open an egg and it has two yolks inside, someone you know will get married or have twins. When you crack an egg, make sure to crush the shell afterwards, otherwise a witch may gather up the pieces, set sail and cause terrible storms at sea.

2 – God Bless or Lose Your Soul
Some think this statement after someone sneezes is merely a social courtesy, but they are wrong, this utterance of syllables actually protects your immortal soul. Some say that the origin of this creepy superstition derives from Pope Gregory the Great who would say the phrase to people who sneezed who carried with them the bubonic plague, he claimed by uttering these hallowed words he saved himself from infection. Another root cause to the peculiar belief maintains that your soul escapes your body during a sneeze, your heart stops for a beat and your soul could attempt to make a break for it, saying God Bless you welcomes the person back to life and forces the soul back into the body. Another legend tells that the devil is always waiting for his opportunity to collect your soul, so if you sneeze and no one says god bless you the devil could simply steal your soul without you ever being the wiser.

1 – The Rule of Three
This well-known superstition tells that bad things often come in threes. One legend says that the god of death hunts three at a time, so if you receive news of the death of a loved one, two more demises may be on the way. Some say celebrities die in threes, another rumour warms to never light three cigarettes with a single match, the third whose cigarette is struck aflame is the one who will soon meet their maker, so says this creepy legend. Many old pagan rites of passage state that the good you do comes back to you, but the bad you do, returns in threes. These sinister superstitions of threes can be found all over the world.


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