Here are some artifacts that will leave you with questions like the sculptures portraying dinosaurs w/ humans only 4500 years ago.

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7. Acambaro Figures

If number 8 is true then is it possible humans still lived with dinosaurs at some point? The figures discovered in Mexico seem to make it seem possible. In 1944, Waldemar Julsrud discovered thousands of figurines of dinosaurs while riding his horse. He began bringing back these sculptures to someone who was paying him for it; and gathering quite the collection nonetheless. Some of the figurines included dinosaurs with people from all over the world. There were sculptures of Egyptians, Sumerians and Caucasian people with figures of dinosaurs only modern technology could come up with. The initial dating concluded these artifacts are about 4,500 years old.

6. The Maine Penny

Americans seem to be stuck on the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered America. If this is the case, then this artifact should not exist. An 11th century Norse coin was found on the coast of Maine which is evidence of direct European contact of American soil.If that hasn’t blown your mind yet, it’s believed that this coin was used for trade among the Native Americans. Imagine Viking longboats sailing across the shores of present day New England. The coin was found in a known Native American settlement called Naskeag Point. Could this be evidence we need to declare that the Vikings made it further west than Greenland.

5. The Dorchester Pot

This was a metal vase like object that exploded in two pieces in an attempt to break up rocks by miners in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1852. The vase was embedded in sedimentary rock and to be dynamited out of soil for us to know it existed. The strange part is that it was below 15 feet of rocks which means it had been there for quite a long time. The pot is made from a zinc and silver alloy and decorated on the sides a carvings of flowers and trees. It certainly doesn’t look like something Americans made. Geologists date the rock back to 1 million years old. Where could this relic of a by-gone age have come from.

4. Lanzhou Stone

A mysterious object found in China near the Marzong Mountain region brings many to believe the possibility of evidence on other planets. The stone was found with a metal bar inside and the origins of the rock are unknown. Skeptics believe that it may be a meteorite but the object within is what attracts so many geologists to this artifact. More than 10 geologists and global physicians gathered to study the rock and find out its true mysterious origins. They were all completely puzzled and couldn’t identify what type of rock it was or where the metal bar inside came from. They haven’t not ruled out the possibility of something from out of this world.

3. Wolfsegg Iron

Also known as the Salzburg cube found in Austria in 1885, this object has been declared an out of place artifact by many when it was discovered in a 20 million years old coal seam. At first many believed it was meteorite that struck the ground and ended up in the coal seam that way. But further testing showed that this wasn’t the case since it lacked the common elements like nickel, chromium or cobalt and the chunk of iron remained a mystery.

2. American Stealth Fighter Jet Found in China

This American fighter jet was found using google maps any many were wondering, what on earth is it doing there?! This is believed to be a lockheed F-117 Nighthawk that proved its potential fighting capabilities in the Gulf War between the USA and Iraq in 1991. So what exactly is it doing in China of all places?! We haven’t necessarily been military allies with China, ever. This was found on a 2010 version of google maps near the city of Luoyang outside a test center for surface to air missiles. Did the Chinese possibly capture our technology and are trying to build their own? Is there something our government was hiding? Maybe China built an exact replica but the design of US has, for the most part, remained a secret. This is definitely something that should not exist unless China has been spying on us.

1. Vacanti Mouse

This is a mouse genetically modified in a laboratory and would never exist if it wasn’t for human intervention and experiments. The ear was actually cartilage modified in the shape of the ear constructed from seeding cow DNA. When the cartilage began to grow, it was molded to look this way. There was no human DNA in the making of this. Also known as the “ear mouse” for good reason, was created by Charles Vacanti in the university of Massachusetts. This sparked the question on the morality of genetic modification after it was passed around the internet. Should these be allowed if it can benefit humans who lost limbs or ears in accidents? We’d like to hear in the comment section.


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