In this video you can find the world’s oldest prostitute at about eighty two years old and she is still working on the streets. Her system for staying in business is charging 10 to 20 times less than the younger prostitutes.

Ethan Misano boasts a to set the record for the longest masturbation session pleasing himself for nine hours and 58 minutes, beating out the previous year’s record holder himself.

Adult star Lisa Sparxxx certainly set her own record though taking part during the World gang bang championship. Yes, it exists. Lisa had sex with nine 919 guys in a single day. number.

The record for the largest orgy ever recorded has been taking place in Japan and wasn’t actually orgy but more like a choreographed event. It involved 250 men and 250 women who all agreed to have sex in the same place at the same time. Every person was tested and STD free and it was more so 250 couples featured in the video having sex at the same time but only having sex with each other.

The next record is about the most orgasms in one single hour. This record belongs to a woman who is reported to have had 134 orgasms in just one hour. This study was done by the California center sexual studies.

A man named Mr Hart’s Schultz, unfortunately for him this is the thing that most people recognise it for his record as for holding the farthest ejaculation. The record is 18 feet and 9 inches. He also holds the record for the highest speed of ejaculation which is 40 2.7 miles per hour.

Well, pornography may not seem like any kind of weird sex record. It actually is with the case of an retired travel agent at the age of sixty. He unbeknownst began even to his wife’s knowledge a career in the porno business to kill all of his free time. Also unknown to his wife he works with women of all ages and has actually not only appear but starred in over 350 adult films. He is now eighty years old and still doing.

Many women have babies so there’s not really any kind of sex record either but what about 69 babies in Russia. In the 18th century this actually happened. A woman named Mrs Valentino Vessel Ava physically gave birth to 69 babies. This included 16 sets of twins 7 triplets, quadruplets sets as well as many many single births also.

It is quite an interesting and extremely weird sex record: A penis collection. It belongs to a museum in Iceland; the Icelandic biological museum to be exact. At this museum you can actually browse over 300 different shapes sizes and colors of penises.
A former King of Morocco makes the list. During the years 1672 to 1727 Moulay Ismail Sharif became the father of quite a few children he fathered at least 1014 children during this time if not more than that.

Removing bras seems to be a magician trick sometimes. It’s Chris Nicholson specialty. He holds the record for the most bras removed in one minute his record is the removal of 20 bras in one minute.

The next record title belongs to the first man ever to give birth. The man is Thomas Beatie. He was born a woman go by the name of Tracy lagoon. He gave birth to his first child in 2007. This was after undergoing gender realignment treatments and having surgery in 2002. Although he had sex change surgery he actually decided to keep his female reproductive organs and became pregnant through artificial insemination. Although he is officially registered as a male he has given birth to three children. Because of this gender reassignment surgery his children were delivered via c-section.

The record for the largest penis belongs to the blue whale whose penis is about eight feet in length and one foot in circumference. But the largest erected human penis belongs to Jonah Carrelli Falcon. It’s reported at 13.5 inches long. He was even offered to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry because of his large genitalia. Jonah however politely declined the offer as an actor and writer himself, he felt that it wouldn’t help him with a legit acting career.

Making the top of the list is the record for the world’s largest vagina. Scottish woman honest Swan holds this record. She was born a normal sized child but by the time she was nineteen, she reached a height of seven feet, 8 inches. Because of her size she actually joined a sideshow and fell in love with a man over seven feet tall. They even have had most all of their furniture custom made because of their size. The couple ended up having a baby. The largest in history, weighing 26 pounds. Anna has a vagina that measures 19 inches.


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