This is pretty much a part 2 to a video I did a while back. There are more than 6 clips in this video, however there are 6 “categories” of clips used. These clips are composed of relatively shocking moments that are common fears for many people: claustrophobia, heights, & animal attacks.

I’ve been focusing so hard lately on doing non-stop scary stuff that I was getting a little tired of it, so I kinda just wanted to do another shocking video.

I have gotten permission to use most of these clips, while some of the others didn’t seem to have an actual owner/original uploader, and with the rest I just made sure their use would fall under fair use.

Oh yeah, hate to be one of those guys to add a watermark, but there’s been some big Russian youtuber that’s been literally taking large chunks of my videos and reuploading them on his channel. So just for these types of videos, I’ll need to put a watermark.

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