Some weird and funny acts from the America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent shows.

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News Bloopers Compilations:
In these funny news bloopers compilations, you will witness epic moments when live news reporters failed and messed up big time. You will see top weather report fails, video bombs, kissing fails, interview fails, and a whole lot more!

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Take the cringe challenge, and try to watch through these mega cringe compilations to the end. The cringe is just too much for many people. Can you handle the cringe?!

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In these angry gamers compilations, you will laugh at all the screaming, punching, kicking, and a whole lot of broken keyboards and monitors. If you think you have anger problem, take a look at some of these angry gamers. The rage meter has gone through the roof with these angry gamers. Are you an angry gamer too? Do you rage quit?

Funniest Damn You Autocorrects!:
We all made typos. But Autocorrect can sometimes really screwed up our text messages, turning our most serious text messages into something hilarious. In these Damn You Autocorrect! compilations, you will find funny and awkward text messages caused by autocorrect. Do you get autocorrected much?

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