You may love the Japanese culture and know about their crazy TV shows. Like these shows Japanese have a blooming fantasy, that sometimes confine to the realms of madness and absurdity. Watch the clip and discover what technology was invented by this funny culture, where the manga is as real as reality! Some of these Japanese invention are truly a strike of genius.

One of my favourites are the the butter lipstick. Fantastic! You can melt your toast directly by using this lipstick like butter container. Another is the fake hand that helps you to slice vegetables. You know how dangerous this can be, so better use a fake hand for it, or not? Ever thought about an umbrella that is attached like a cravat? This stylish invention is not only a fashion masterpiece, but when the raindrops start to fall, you are well prepared to keep yourself dry. Do you have a cold? Why not go around with a toilet paper hat? Yes, you haven’t misread. We were talking about mangas.. You know how Japanese are obsessed with erotism through this. You can now acquire a smartphone case with manga girls at the back and soft tits incorporated to it. Just genius!



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