Today we’ve got a bunch of FUNNY MOMENTS, FAILS & CRAZY MOMENTS on Overwatch!
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➥Video Clip Sources: – genji finally gets his wish of healing – mei crazy save with her wall by Hisham-Saad – calculated junkrat kill by Snipeapunk – korean pro strats – mercy tries to counter the zarya ultimate but it fails horribly – roadhog deals with zenyatta ultimate perfectly – accidentaly knocking sombra out of stealth with auto attack by MarnixB10 – how players go from bronze to grand master grand master – destroying the enemy team as mccree – crazy come back on widowmaker vs + 3 kills – roadhog somehow hooks genji – battle mercy takes out one of the best snipers in the world 1v1 (kephrii) – tim lives up to his word – unbelieveable wow! – sneaky reinhardt ults the enemy team – junkrat gets 9 kills in 30 seconds by WhiteopsUnitedx – hanzo gets 6 kills solo carrying the game by Egon1304 – 5 man dash genji play Twitch.Tv/RockerKillz – triple ana nade kill by Derso – genjis amazing reflect gets pharah and mercy – symmetra team kill by Madone75 – effect carrying hard on tracer in a pro match – crazy genji survival – blocking from flying across the map – mccrees super unlucky ultimate vs mercy – 6 lucios trolling on the point gets delt with by tracer/zarya by Tofue – 360 widowmaker grapple by Daflashking – death comes… reaper takes an arrow to the face after teleporting – junkrat knocks accidentally out of her mech into his trap by Romadel – zenyatta gets ressed and stuck at the bottom of eichenwallde – trapping the enemy in a room with ultimate
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