In this episode of #realorfake, we cover that mysterious sound scientists recorded in the Pacific Ocean called “The Bloop.” Was it a giant creature? Or something else? I have the most solid evidence yet!

We also take a look at a video where a hawk drops a snake on a family picnic, a giant whale crashing down on a small sailboat, a fur covered trout fish (Thanks Rachel and Heidi), and a whole lot more!

Also in this episode – Peter Butler and Stuart Carpenter from Bubblegummonsters channel are up to their usual special effects fun! .

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Bloop artwork provided by Jeffrey Chang (Thanks Jeffrery!)

More about Dr. Robert Dziak

Interesting Article from Dr. Robert Dziak about listening to the ocean


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When it comes to strange sounds, there is no shortage of that coming in our door. From Colorado, to India, England and everywhere else, people are hearing all sorts of strange things, like “skyquakes.” But when it comes to the biggest strange sounds of them all, it comes from the ocean and it’s called “The Bloop.”

Various submissions related to the Bloop have been sent in by hundreds people, the first of which were Raul Trevino, Mike Bonilla and Ross Potter….

Now the question isn’t so much about whether the sound is real, but rather, what made the sound? Was it really some gigantic unknown creature? Or is that idea, just fiction?


In 1997, scientists from NOAA, using special underwater microphones, picked up a sound from the South Pacific that was so loud, it was able to be heard more than 3000 miles (or 4800 kilometers) away.

Scientists who examined the sound determined it was not man made like a nuclear explosion or anything like that, nor was it due to an earthquake or any volcanic activity.

When news of the bloop went public, Dr. Christopher Fox, former head of NOAA’s Geophysical Data Center told New Scientist Magazine that it most likely came from “some sort of animal.”

But the only problem with that theory was, the biggest known sound created by marine animals or more specifically, the Blue Whale can only be heard from less than 1000 miles (or 1600 kilometers).

So what do we have here? A Megalodon?

Not likely because they are extinct but even if they were alive they would be smaller than the blue whale… This creature would have to be something much bigger – like 5 times the size of a blue whale.

Impossible you say? I don’t know.. With 95 % of the ocean still unexplored, anything is possible. Right?

It was a tough riddle to solve, but thanks to some excellent research by the Chewy Piranha group, and a lot of help from NOAA, we did get to the bottom of it and came up with this, the official answer.

Watch the video to learn what it is!


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